Bubblegum Spirituality.. A personal journey; beyond the surface.

Since I was a teen ager I have loved the material world. Clothes, shoes, handbags, cars, houses etc. I always wanted the best of the best. I grew up in a household where I was able to have many high quality *things* and I  unknowingly associated this with who I was. I thought I must have certain things to reflect this…If I was not able to obtain them, who would I then be?

Law of Attraction

When introduced to the Law of Attraction(we attract what we focus on via the energy that we vibrate) I learned that I could attract what I wanted into my world. I loved this concept because it gave me hope that I could indeed become more of myself by attracting those very high priced items that I couldn’t afford as an independent adult. I was desiring a lot of money, a *rich* lifestyle filled with expensive vacations, multiple homes, etc  Yes…this was so me and now I had a solution to *how* this was all going to come about I would just attract this to myself. Perfect.

I became a part of a Law of Attraction community where everyone was in the process of attracting what they desired, things that they too have previously felt were out of reach. Some people were even attempting to attract an old flame back into their life and were getting very very specific about it.. I watched in awe as persons from this community indeed attracted one item after another of what they wanted in their life. There was talk of self-love but this seemed secondary to the fullfillment of desires. There were beginning students of the Law of Attraction and also very advanced students who had attracted a life of their dreams in every way. Each win is celebrated by this group and its amazing to watch. I am still a part of this group but its no longer my point of focus.

Externalizing Power

Somewhere a long the way I associated high ticket items as POWER. That if I had a *designer* lifestyle that I had gained the ultimate power. However thankfully there was another part of me: who I really was; the person who was always searching for truth, who understood that things in and of themselves mean nothing. I was always on a spiritual path and this always was my focus but also had my human personality that in addition to my search for truth was attracted to the material world as well. I know I am not alone in possessing both of these qualities. I wonder how many really get beyond the materialism to experience their sparkling divine self.

In my meditation practice, self reflection and practice of Universal Law I never expected the results that I gained. In 2009 I began practicing meditation on a regular basis and minus a few weeks here and there have pretty much maintained this practice. I slowly began to wake up with love in my heart and unconditional acceptance for the conditions in my life. I was able to have wonderful insights and able to maintain high level mood states for extended periods of time. Underneath the personality of Renae…something wonderful happened: I was able to experience myself as the divine being that I *really* am and my previous attraction to material goods took a back seat…and I looked back with sadness at this sort of surfacey *Bubblegum Spirituality* that I had known before. I now knew and understood that there was nothing more worthy than myself and those *things* are just that…just things. I had almost missed it; a deep healing had taken place and I now understood everything differently. It was me that needed to come first…Aha!!!

Divine worthiness

We are ALL worthy beyond this material world. Things do not reflect who we are. Is there a correlation between having material goods in your life and self love…indeed there can be. But if we allow these things to define us we will never experience the true healing and freedom that I believe the Universe wants for us all that we are worthy just because we are alive. Thankfully this healing I experienced is a promise for all people who are on the path to truth, eventually you will get there. The Universe will do everything possible for you to experience the truth of who you are. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Bubblegum Spirituality.. A personal journey; beyond the surface.

    1. Brilliant inspiration! 😀 I have an image of a 60s or 80s style dressed girls blowing pink bubbles and thinking in her innocent superficiality that she was being deeply spiritual, lol! Just the image that was created in MY head when I read this! 😀 Made me grin! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks… I like it too…Yes thats it … I associate bubblegum with all things surfacey and superficial…and guess what I chew bubblegum..Friends tease me about it telling me I am too old…lolll


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