As you reach new levels of success (whatever success means for you) be prepared to let go of your *Underdog Status*. Many of us, no matter how successful we are, get used to thinking of ourselves as less than, as an Underdog and this can become part of our identity. If you really want to move to the next level..this needs to go. Letting this go can be really uncomfortable, especially if we have spent years thinking of ourselves in this way. A lot of people arent even conscious of it.
The other piece is: other people may not like our new found success so we don’t want to risk our relationships…Everyone loves the Underdog right?This is all just our ego talking and trying to keep us where we are comfortable and there is little to no change  Is this part of your make up? If so, can you let it go? New levels of joy and abundance are waiting for you. Namast

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