Nobody can emulate YOU….YOU are the only YOU there is….

You are always going to have one big advantage over others; nobody can do life exactly like you do. I hope you can really get what I am saying because I know you have heard this a million times before but..really hear it: nobody can be you…NOBODY…what a gift that is!!!  You are here to create something that ONLY you can do…How exciting is that? In  world that promotes *sameness* its easy to totally miss this.

Don’t be so easily intimidated…
We can be easily intimidated and stop in our tracks when we see someone doing the very thing we ourselves want to do. Our ego tells the story of how we couldn’t possibly write that book because we lack the same background as an author whom we admire. We lack the proper education, we lack the right resources, we could never do it as well as they did…On and on and on. And the truth is: YOUR RIGHT… YOU CANNOT DO IT LIKE THEY DID IT…because your way is *your* way for a reason…As we peel back the layers  on the journey to reveal our authentic selves…we will find the gifts that only we have, that are perfect for our specific conditions, our background, our resources or lack of resources. We all get to create from right where we are at.  There are no doubt millions and millions of people throughout the ages that sadly stifled their gifts because they themselves didn’t fit into the mold of convention. 

We don’t need any more duplicates….
We really don’t need any more duplicates. The collective story that we have been taught about how our life should look and be is so so limited. Its one of creating duplicate experiences and trying to obtain static permanence. Ideally we should keep our jobs, professions, marriages forever.  The *forever* story doesn’t fit with Universal Law…and the way the Life Force really operates. Change is constant, relationships are always evolving and transformational and rarely forever, keeping one profession will often only scratch the surface of all the gifts we truly have and emulating an admired mentor will only keep *your* particular gifts from surfacing. 
I know, I know… these old paradigms are beginning to crumble..Many of us have been tuned into the transformational nature of life for awhile…but looking at the state of the world..on a global scale we are just beginning. 

Your not a celebrity. You don’t have a college degree. You don’t look like a super model.  This is GOOD news. You have your *own* life story and from the conditions of this particular story can come only something YOU can create. There are people waiting for you whatever it is you came here to create. In fact….for some people it

can only come from you.  What’s stopping you?

If you need help figuring it out…Contact me


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