Evolution of a Therapist…

What an amazing day its been for me….Over the last few years as I have undergone my own evolution and spiritual awakening and outgrown the system that I work in as a Therapist and question the ways that we use to help people and redefine what *help*, *healing* and *compassion* are. I have been struggling with somehow feeling the *falseness* of being a Therapist and not quite being able to put my finger on it…Today I had an epiphany. I went to work where I work part time and a client had attempted suicide in the building.(Hes fine now) I wasn’t there but the aftermath of the drama was all around. I heard a few details and then decided I didn’t want to hear anymore. I didn’t partake in the ongoing talk of what happened. I felt self protective really not wanting to be in the drama at all.
I realized the *falseness* is that I have been feeling is that I have to continually listen to the lies people tell themselves that come from their ego..This gentlemans *story*must have been excruciating and the sad part h is his divine self was completely blocked by his ego story..Because my own awakening is more complete…I was able to see that we are truly divine beings and that the drama that we create is just believing our ego *story* of how we
should be different, how our lives could be different, better, more like so and so.
So to be a Therapist means I have had to continually listen to
lies….BINGO!!! This is what was feeling so false. I know who we really are and I am so grateful for that. I have so much Gratitude for being committed to my own path and look forward to just holding space for clients to see who they truly are and to be able to talk freely about my beliefs about who we are. ..Namaste..

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