Exercise to boost your happiness!!! There are things that we do each day that add to our happiness..or in some cases may take away from our happiness…My own *personal prescription* includes: 5-6 days a week running 4-5 miles each time..yep..sounds like a lot but your body quickly gets used to it Some type of Green juice at least once a week, maybe two or three.. A plant based diet for the most part..I do believe in eating protein though as well:).Meditation everyday …..more and more I see this as so important. I will admit the Meditation can get bumped aside for other things. A piece of dark chocolate after Dinner…maybe more if it was a hard day:):)…Venting with a friend is also important…Sharing things that are stressful and not keeping them to myself…otherwise the stress just compounds…
There are so many healthy habits that we can incorporate to boost our feelings of wellbeing….What do you do to enhance your happiness?


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