Being single on Valentines Day…

Sometimes if we are single people will try to tell us why that is; “Your standards are too high” “Your just way too picky” “Your going to end up alone if you don’t lower your standards” These statements are ridiculous:):)…Having standards and staying true to yourself is not about not accepting someones humanness. Anyone that we have a relationship with is going to come in human form and do human things that we don’t like…of course..that is different from staying true to the qualities, values and beliefs that you are looking for in a partner…very different. If you go into any relationship with the driving force being that you don’t want to be alone…that is not enough to keep a relationship together and that relationship will eventually end.
If you are truly happy with yourself and your life..*alone* is not a bad place to be. Its not a place to escape and run from. Stay tuned for much more from me on this topic.


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