Who is an Expert? You decide….

                                      The day I became an expert
Just the other day I was telling my friend about my first teaching job. Right after I arrived for the first day  they showed me my office and on the door was Professor Sauter. My first thought was “is that me?” Ha-ha. Next they sat me down and told me I was now an expert and needed to act like one in the classroom. I was shuddering a little to myself as they were telling me this as I thought of how just this morning I left the gas cap off at the gas station drove off and didn’t realize until I got out of my car. Do other experts do things like this? I sure hope so because the gas cap incident was very typical for me.  …As I settled into my job I went on to make many mistakes and I became completely o.k. with it once I realized I could continue to be an *expert* and still blunder, be wrong and look stupid.  
                    In the age of social media everyone’s an expert.

With social media being one of the most popular ways to market your business, yourself, your brand…I have noticed many have labeled themselves as experts in their chosen fields. I have also noticed that they are not necessarily college educated or experts in the traditional sense. YouTube is filled with people who are denouncing formal education for being worthless, there is no new learning, its too expensive, its definitely not creative and why not educate yourself, become self-employed, self sufficient, you will be happier,won’t have excessive loans and are even more likely to become rich. There a literally millions of tutorials by *everyday* people who have honed a particular skill  and can show you right there how to do it. Many of them are masters at social media and have a healthy following  and are turning a profit. More power to them…Who better to teach than someone who is just like you…Right?

 If your educated you don’t get it, your boring, your definitely not a creative person.

Along with all the social media self-proclaimed experts there seems to be this anti-education movement. One of the biggest points of the anti education movement is that you can’t be creative and attend college as well. There is an underlying premise that clearly your a robot whose not living your dream…Oh and if your a Life Coach,such as myself your education couldn’t possibly play a role in helping people. Out with the old,tired ways…in with the new model.  It’s implied that the real experts are  those who have been through hell and climbed out to build a website, tell their story and tweet about it.
                                     Who makes the best Life Coach?
Last year I turned my long time career as a Therapist and a College Psychology Instructor into a Coaching business…my motivation was to live my own dream and work with people from my core spiritual beliefs. You see, it just so happens that my burning passion has always been Spirituality. As a young 20 something I was always reading deep material and asking the big questions such as; why are we here and who is God? I would say I am very spiritual by nature, sensitive and creative. Yes..you heard me right; I am creative AND educated…Have I had some deep life pain and crisis in my own life…yes I have, however; I have learned for me its best to divulge my own history  when its really helping someone I don’t lead with it because I want to do it in a way in which I am being respectful to myself. It seems in the age of social media some people divulge their hard knock stories in a way that’s almost exploitative. I don’t wish to do that but if its helpful and I can do it in a respectful manner then I am all for it. 
The best Life Coach for you is the person that you resonate the most with and intuit is right for you..Does education, experience matter? It matters to the degree that it matters for you. I would say choose what you prefer. Choose the person whose message you can hear.
                                The truth…really..who is an expert?
In the best sense it means to me; a person who as a depth of knowledge in a particular area of study. In the worst sense it perpetuates a hierarchy where someone pretends to know all and they have the definitive answers on a certain topic. Really, who likes that person?
It’s ultimately up to you to decide. The beauty and diversity of life is that there are  different populations of people to work with persons of all backgrounds and credentials…It’s a win-win… Namaste


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