Love or Validation? This is something I have been thinking about lately because I have had a couple people talk with me about their search for love. Are you looking for love or just validation? Sometimes when we say we want love really what we want is for someone to validate us…Your smart, beautiful, funny etc. Usually we have a hidden agenda (and often hidden to ourselves as well) that we think that when we have this validation then we will stop feeling this angst over not having it. We may indeed find the validation that we are looking for..and its a surface need being met a lot of times and may not meet that deeper need for connection and real love. Many people (and I have certainly done this as well) continue to externalize their power in this way…The problem is…that you always need that other to continue to validate you…When someone really loves are feeling it in *you*…You always can create love at any time, anywhere, any day…within yourself. The power that we all are seeking is within and when you validate yourself you will no longer need that outer validation and in fact..even when someone compliments you you wont feel a huge huge change…because your giving yourself love all the time and your not starving for it from the outside. #LOVE#Validation

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