I am not *that* person…

Recently one of my students said to me: “Your life seems so perfect…you have done so much with it, accomplished so much…” I laughed a little and said..”I am far from perfect” and then unsure of what else to say said nothing…I knew what he was doing..he was projecting that *perfect person* image on to me.  The person that looks like they have it together and their life is ideal…The person that doesn’t exist….anywhere.

I am the person who leaves the gas cap off at the gas station and drives away with the cap off. I am the person who went to my college classroom with a curler in the back of my hair (lolll yes its true). I am the person who didn’t want to grow up, who didn’t want to take responsibility for my life. I am the person that had a lot of help to get to where I am. I am the person who has experienced Mental Illness, Cancer, Alcoholism in my family. Who has experienced serious family trauma.  I don’t offer my story right away…its a part of my path and no longer my * identity* I realized that if I continue to tell the story of trauma that that is who I will continue to be. I have suffered…as have we all. My story is everyone’s story…

The cultural obsession with celebrity, political figures and the media circus that continues to surround them in their times of vulnerability is surprising to me. The idea that anyone escapes this life without some type of contrast perpetuates. The media is still using phrases like “they have the perfect relationship” “they have the perfect life”  So many people young and old seem to buy into this as something to aspire to. These aspirations that include this idea of perfection cause a lot of problems….simply because perfection doesn’

t exist.  
Recently highlighted the Mayor of Canada…and his Crack Cocaine addiction..So many seem so surprised and we(the media) hover around his every word…The reason I believe is that deep down we are wanting to see these *imperfections* because we tire of moving toward this illusive perfection that we can’t seem to achieve. And yet..the other piece seems to continue despite case after case in the news of these fallen(human) figures that we judge them for not staying in their ideal spots.

Perfection does exist although not in this way…It exists in the acceptance of our humanity both in the strong and weak of who we are. When we can embrace this in ourselves we bust through these cultural myths and all these perpetuations seem ridiculous. This is the true *ideal* we should shoot for.

I believe a new day is coming…a day where we can put down our social masks and veneers.. a day where we can be *Professionals* without having to present with a facade..A day where our humanity and vulnerabilities are seen as beautiful parts of this life journey and as the integral piece that connects us to each other.  Namaste’


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