Beyond Ego…

Recently I went out for drinks with a new friend (thats what I will call him) In the process of asking questions about his life and vice versa.. I noticed myself tuning into something..He was going through his list of accomplishments, overview of resume, Undergrad and Grad Schools attended, organizations involved with, the fact he was on the board of Director of this and that, years of Peace Corp service, etc… 

I hadn’t asked for any of the information he was giving me. I would never ask anyone for a list of accomplishments and credentials and I sure don’t ever name my own… There wasn’t anything wrong with this…as I am sure a lot of these things are a part of most intial meetings…BUT.. I am just not that interested any more in hearing those things…  I do have a preference for those that choose education as part of their life path…because I think it might be an indicator of those (of course not always) that enjoy expansion and learning new things, that are curious about the world. Especially curiosity… I love a curious person:) but beyond that lets let our credentials come forth naturally in the unfolding of our relationship.
As he was speaking I was waiting  to see another part of him come out but I never did.  I spent a couple of hours with this guy and I am not saying there isn’t more to him but rather he is the norm.. many many people never get beyond ego accomplishments and social expectations to who we really are. Which I believe is a divine being connected to a greater Source Energy.  Lately in my work as a Therapist and Life Coach I am listening to clients for this place beyond ego as well its like I am conducting my own research and tallying up the score. So far I haven’t seen the place beyond ego very often.
  I  often find myself thinking about a world without ego, a world with people clearly seeing their connection to a higher power as being more significant than their level of education and salaries. What would that look like? Who would we be? I get excited by this idea and as much ego as I hear I also know that there are many many that are awakening to their divine essence.
I was not always at this place. Lets be real there was a time where I felt I *was* my credentials and that they determined my importance or lack of importance. This place was a place of striving for worth..seeking to be among the *most* important in the world. To become powerful and be seen as powerful.  Because I have broken through my ego (for short time periods) I feel privileged to understand now that I was *always* important and never needed to *do* anything…that I am a unique piece of the divine …as we all are. Have I completely lost my drive for importance..hahah thats laughable ..of course not. I often fantisize about having a best selling book and pondering how much money I could make.  Haha.. hardly egoless but not entirely ego filled either…necessarily, right? (Stay tuned for another blog on this)
I live in both worlds..the ego and the egoless.. I struggle with the two and making sense of my need for success and also my awareness that if *I* recognize what I add to the world thats enough,I won’t need the outer recognition. I do find now that I am much more fascinated by the egoless, divine spiritually connected aspect part of who we are and am asking often just what is the limitless that I am so connected to.I find myself looking to see it in all my interactions now not just with clients and when I do..its priceless, rare and fascinating. I long to get clearer about this energy …Source Energy and all that it is… I believe it is connecting with this energy and living more in *it* that my true happiness and freedom lie. Ego achievements are often short lived. The ego always wants more and bigger and for me this is not a peaceful and enlightened existence.
So maybe its those persons that *fail* at ego accomplishments that are really blessed because the pain of not fulfilling ego is one that can push us beyond ego identification and into the limitlessness of the divine. Food for thought… 
How do you feel about success and the way our broader culture views success?


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