Evolution of a Lightworker….

Its been one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had connecting with so so many other like minded lightworkers/spiritually focused people in  this digital age. Each day going on my Facebook  account is like going to an Angel Convention….loll  My page is lit up with inspiring quotes, videos and authentic sharing about what people are going through and what lessons they are learning and integrating into their life. Its a warm and safe place…24/7 …and also its extremely powerful portal to the divine..if your open to it.
After a couple of years of exchanging like minded tools, books, videos, thoughts, blogs, memes etc.with others on Facebook I decided to start my own business. Initially I really wasn’t sure what that meant. All I knew was that it was what felt right and that I could  somehow blend my 20 plus years as a Therapist with a Coaching/Spiritual based business. I have always been reading Spiritually focused books and *working* on myself (more about this later as I have moved out of that paradigm and now call it focusing 🙂 and I could never get enough of this type of material.. I loved it. I also always knew since I was a small child that there was waaaaaaaaaay more going on that what I could see on the surface of life and I was always asking the big questions like “why are we here?”… Since that time its been like I have been putting puzzle pieces together over a lifetime and at the current time it is starting to form a recognizable picture…I feel as if I have entered the most important phase of my life, one where I know I am going to open to creating lots of great content based on a lifetime of inner work. My passion has been ignited . I believe I have further contributions to make that may help others move out of old ways of thinking and being and allow them to be who they really are.
 I have/had a strong passion for education and it was always the most important thing in my life. I never even considered not going to college..I wanted to go to college way more than I ever wanted to marry or have kids(more on this later too)… I love to learn and expand through intellectual knowledge but this type of knowledge/theory doesn’t even scratch the surface of my own personal spiritual experiences in this life. Lately I realize I have been spending time going through an internal integration with my educational background with my spiritual beliefs and I have come up with my own framework with which to view the world. One where my education and my connection to a Higher Source can marry and make sense.  I can easily coexist in the scientific world and in the spiritual world. Stay tuned for more on this.
I am so glad I started this blog.. I think I am really going to enjoy it and I hope you enjoy reading it and to follow along with me on my journey.  A word of caution….in the blog I did last week I exposed some of my life as I havent done before and I intend on doing more of this…frankly I find it very cathartic..not only that but I believe the time has come for us all on this planet to stop pretending and just be ourselves so we can connect to each other and know we are not alone….
Please join me on my journey here…. 🙂

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