Whats going on in the world? Is everyone on an Antidepressant?

I am beginning to wonder if the world is crumbling. I work in a Urgent Care Center on the weekends as a Clinician doing Assessment and Referral with individuals that come in intoxicated. I see them the next day. I have worked there for nine years… Yes NINE years… I am not sure how I have done it …it can be grueling..

In the past couple of months the severity level of the Crisis that people come in has definately escalated. This is being felt by everyone I work with. The clients come in intoxicated or high off of some psychoactive substance that is one issue…but to me that is not even the most severe issue. Many many many people suffer from clinical depression, anxiety disorders, other major mental illness and multiple physical ailments, financial stress, relationship problems, housing issues and homelessness, grief and loss issues, legal issues and on and on and on….most people have multiple problems. Its like the severity quotient has been upgraded a notch to almost a screaming pitch.
Naturally your thinking I am burned out and just having a reaction to their stress. I wouldnt categorize as burn out but rather a deep sadness. I still feel a great deal of compassion for people that hasnt left…but…but.. I have this urge to cry at the sadness of their state …alot of the time. What we do is just basically apply band aids to gaping wounds. We definately are a soft place for them to fall and get some resources but the resources dont address the deeper issues. I dont feel bad that we cant offer them more but I do feel bad that this is what their life has come to. People are really hurting..
The volume of people we see has definately escalated since the recession in 2008 and also the severity of the problems as well.  I am on my way out. This was supposed to be a temporary year or two job and I have stayed due to the benefits and the pay are pretty decent. I want a lighter way of working with people and I dont want the intensity level of the problems that we deal with in my life on a regular basis..I have known this for years. I have a plan to move and begin writing a book and I am definately headed in that direction…its just a matter of time. I am pretty ready…loll
Is the world crumbling?… Something is going on… The amount of clients and students that I work with on antidepressants has gone through the roof. Are they ALL depressed? ALL these people..there are so many…I think people are reacting to the stress in our culture and the unhealthiness of the mainstream belief system is really getting to people. This is where I will leave it… I am thinking about this and will comment more at some point..
Namaste and I hope your job is easier…

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